Microtunneling & Shoring

A leader through innovation, our commitment & investment in up-to-date technology with respect to geotechnical solutions through the acquisition of both Microtunnelling & steel sheetpile shoring equipment.
Microtunneling & Shoring

We offer solutions previously not available in Southern Africa to provide methods of construction for challenging pipelines, road crossings and steel shoring support system options that mitigates unwarranted risks for our Clients. The good level of accuracy, safe, low risk and fast method of pipe installation provided by the Microtunnelling solution cannot be surpassed. We have completed 1270m of tunnelling to an accuracy of <14mm for a maximum drive length to date of 220m.

Microtunnelling diameters available
  • 970mm and 1117mm ID 2m long concrete sleeve or final product jacking pipes with or without corrosion protection
  • 1000mm ID x 4m long Class K9 (to the BS EN 545: 2006 Standard) XTJ Ductile Iron jacking pipes
  • Diameters available 600mm ID to 970mm ID on request​
Sheetpilling equipment available
  • Excavator fitted high frequency pile driving hammers – 3 No
  • Giken Silent Press Hydraulic Pile Drivers – 3 No
  • Nippon Type IV Steel Sheetpiles – 750 tonnes
  • Bracing and Strutting Equipment - Various
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