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The first Biogas facility in Africa!

Our Client, Clean Energy Africa and Wastemart wanted a facility that converts organic waste to energy (or gas) as efficiently and cost effective possible. The planning and co-ordination was key to a smooth construction experience. With CSV as the main Contractor, Fountain Civil Engineering as the EPC Contractor (and acting Project Manager) and Jeffares & Green as engineers saw this job through with little effort. In the process organic waste is being diverted from landfill disposal. Approximately 500 tons of domestic waste will be fed into the facility that will produce various products such as organic fertilizer, liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and compressed biomethane.


Constructing a new waste-to-energy factory that houses plant, admin buildings and other outbuildings for the operation of transforming domestic waste to gas. | Athlone / Western Cape

Project details

  • Commencement date: 2015
  • Completion date: 2016
  • Project value: R 60.000 000.00
  • Client: Fountain Civil Engineering
  • Designer: Jeffaris & Green
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